What our customers say
  • "These uniforms are so light-weight and comfortable to wear every day, all my staff wear Dental Gear uniforms ! "
    Orthodontist Dr. Geoffrey Wexler
  • "Most comfortable pair of scrubs I have ever worn. "
    Dentist Dr. Hendrix Cheah
  • "The uniform facilitates range of movement so it feels comfortable even during long procedures. "
    Dentist Dr. Dilhan Rajasingham
  • "Best combination ever ! Highly engineered Mizuno fabric on dental uniforms ! "
    Oral Health Therapist Rachel
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The Premier Dental Uniforms in Australia

Dentists, dental assistants and dental nurses deserve uniforms which give optimum comfort as well as freedom of movement. They deserve scrubs and jackets which move with them through every procedure, every consult and every other hour of the day, so they can concentrate on caring for their patients. That’s exactly what’s on offer with Dental Gear.

Our dentist and dental nursing uniforms are sourced from a select few leading designers and manufacturers, including Mizuno / Chitose. Mizuno, best known for their flawlessly manufactured baseball and sporting uniforms, has paired up with uniforms giant Chitose to produce a stunning range of hybrid garments that are perfect for those in active practice, looking for a stylish edge to their uniform pieces. Those with a sporty side will love the sports-inspired details, including the shoulder snaps, cuff and neckline detail. The White Series is especially reminiscent of baseball jerseys, with flattering detail and side panels.

Choose from a wide range of dentist and dental nurse uniforms, including tunics, jackets and more. Our selection of dental jackets and uniforms come in a wide range of traditional and fashion forward shades, so you can mix and match uniform pieces to suit your brand. From traditional blues and whites to bright fuchsia, coral and green shades, there’s something to suit every colour scheme and personal preference. Most fabrics are suitable for embroidery, so you can add a touch of tradition with a logo and name should you so choose.

We ship our dental uniforms Australia wide, so no matter where your practice is located, you can get uniforms delivered to your door in days. Explore the shop for further details on each line, including available colours and sizes. For any further information, or for assistance with ordering, please feel free to contact the Dental Gear team on 0401 858 061 or at info@dentalgear.com.au.